Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dating Woes: FWB

Ha! Saw this on the the blog and it cracked me up...I would love to spend a day in Russ's brain...but only if I had a fool proof escape plan. ;)


quote of the day

Any guy who offers the “friends with benefits” option is likely to be bad at both. – Russ

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dating woes: Ummmm....what?

Just got this email that sorta confused the crap out of me...not really sure how he came to some of the assumptions about my nature just by my profile, which says things like, I like zombies and peanut butter, but maybe that is code for crazy... Note to self: must rewrite profile and remove all subliminal messages that are beacons to crazy pants men!!

Hello Raka upon your adventures

What you express here on your profile I find to be delightful, open minded & Open hearted. So, are you really real? If so are you open to explore what is possible together?

As for your sassy ass, yes also intriguing hint about your figure, I sense it could just be your sweet ends to a means........of a very special adventure just for two :) Oh, btw, yes I am very tactile.

Here are a few aspects of myself:
Laughter is still The Best of All Seasonings! Oh, and btw, I love to cook, esp. couple cooking.
Likewise, I enjoy movies and cuddling—and yes at times it can be just cuddling.
Oh, and yes I love to dance, enjoy most music, doubles tennis—although it has been a few years. Moreover, I Love Living Life!

Oh, know that I am as real as you. I don't say what I don't mean. And there is no need to deny truths.
You are one, who actually seems to embraces her true self. And seeks to discover all of her depth within, and desires to be her most true self within this womanly being. You certainly have the courage to still be vulnerable, as well as having the guts to be confident, assertive, peaceful, joy filled.

I seek one woman, much like yourself I sense, who can be confident, strong character, and assertive when beneficial. And also who embraces or might be curious about whether or not she has a submissive kinky nature to offer to One. Of course, while she also is who she is in the vanilla world around family, friends, church perhaps, career, neighbors, etc.

Note to ms m, I’m in the Kansas City area, south on the Ks side.

Also, please note that my photo is not on here because the format doesn’t seem to match so it doesn’t upload here. So when you write to me there, which is much more convenient for me, then I’ll gladly respond and attach my photo for you. My email: xxxxxx@gmail.com

So when are you willing to consider sharing a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee/tea , Mastering FUN--non-harmful, non-evil, non-condescending, just plain ole Fun or at least a walk n talk with sincere conversation?
Sooner than later !

With mutual respect,
Lust, Laughter, Leather, & lace

Oh, and... Oh, and... ;) I wonder what he looks likes...stay tuned...gonna try to find out. He does after all, enjoy doubles tennis, although it has been a few years.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Westside Stories: Another James...

So Jamie D, introduced me to Jim Woodfill, a super cool artist who does amazing things with light, movement and sound. Hoping he will be able to collaborate on some kinetic lighting for my house!!! He is all about re-purposing, stripping down to the bare essentials, focusing on details and sort of the subtle unexpected (that's my take anyway, he might describe himself differently). Since he will make James #3 on the project, pretty sure it is meant to be. I really want to build and design my whole house solely with people named some derivative of James.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dating Woes: So many hats....

I like guys who let me know all their likes on their heads. It just keeps things simple.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dating Woes: Bri laughs at my pain...

Here is today's Chuck and Beans on the shoebox blog...inspired by yours truly...sigh... :)

Thanks Mr. Brian Gordon!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Westside Stories: the fortune gods approve...

Just got this amazing fortune at lunch today!
Thanks for the affirmation fortune cookie gods!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dating Woes: Real strange real fast...

Red flags?!? Anyone see ANY red flags?? This entire chat took, at most, 3 minutes. I should call him, right? Maybe he's the one....

IhaveaBIGbrain: youre very pretty

raka: wow. thanks

IhaveaBIGbrain:hi im adam

raka: rachel

raka: nice to meet u

IhaveaBIGbrain: pretty name and yes nice to sort of meet you rachel

IhaveaBIGbrain: how did you know i love really pretty curvy women like you!??

raka: lol. didn't know

IhaveaBIGbrain: now you do

IhaveaBIGbrain: so tell me how much you like tall men with shaved heads!

IhaveaBIGbrain: i would like you to get a pen for my number, i want to hear if your voice is half as pretty as you are

IhaveaBIGbrain: tell me when youre ready

raka: u don't mess around. ;)

IhaveaBIGbrain: are you multi chatting?

raka1978: at this second?

IhaveaBIGbrain: yes

raka1978: nope

IhaveaBIGbrain: why so long to respond? (NOTE: I responded in about 4 seconds)

raka: doing stuff

IhaveaBIGbrain: okay sorry to take you away from your stuff

raka: no worries, you're fine

IhaveaBIGbrain: i want a woman that is nice, kind, funny, smart, very pretty like you who likes to be submissive sometimes but only sexually, yet she still has the power if that makes sense

raka: yep. makes sense.

IhaveaBIGbrain: call me NOW to say hello at 908 803 XXXX

IhaveaBIGbrain: making me wait? (NOTE: he sent this message about a nano second after he sent me his number)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Room with a View: The Circle of life...

My pumpkin could just not handle a week at 1610! Seriously. Only MY pumpkin self destructed under the pressure of the frat house. :) And, where did did the roaches come from and why are they basking in the "juice" left from my hipster pumpkin?!?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Please to Enjoy 76

what i am listening to, this exact second...

Link to Please to Enjoy 76

1. Infinity - XX
2. The Gun - Lou Reed
3. Violator - White Williams
4. Funnel Of Love - Wanda Jackson
5. Have Love Will Travel - The Sonics
6. Tokyo - Telekinesis!
7. The Vowels Pt. 2 - Why?
8. Seven (Martyn's Seventh Mix) - Fever Ray
9. Neighbor Down The Hall - Benji Hughes
10. Thorn In Your Side - The Postmarks
11. Peace Like A River - Paul Simon
12. In The Morning - Candie Payne
13. Stay The Night - Ghosts
14. Before I started to Dance - Quixote feat Lisa Li Lund
15. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
16. Looking Glass - Little Dragon
17. White Collar Boy - Belle and Sebastian
18. Vanished - Crystal Castles
19. Cape Canaveral - Conor Oberst
20. Deadbeat Summer - Neon Indian
21. I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers

Dating Woes: Lumberbilly? Rockajack?

So, discovered at lunch that this is apparently what I am looking for... if only life were as easy as Photoshop!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Aural Pleasures: GOGOL Bordello, Liberty Hall

Here are some amazing views from the Gogol Bordello show in Lawrence...it only took 2 songs for him to get shirtless and sweatastic!!!

K-10 and the burning sky

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Westside Stories: SOLD!!!!

This happened a little while ago, but I didn't want to post it too early and jinx it.

YAY!!! Only took 6 crazy months. (Gonna ignore the fact the buyers are complete a-holes and I lost some cash moneys....)

Dating Woes: Monday mornin dip...

Ok, so SlayerDave29 has sent me several messages, and I have been actively ignoring them, but then the hot tubs ones started...(BTW, the "invite" was sent on sunday night...appealing as a Monday AM hot tub first date sounds, I didn't respond...mistake?!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dating Woes: Fo shizzzy?

So the last 3 guys to view my profile have the following names:

1. Belaaazzzy617

2. Maceeezy

3. Realeazzzy43

Dating in Misshizzle is the bizzle. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Room with a view: my 1610 LOVES...

Raquel Redemption...

5 Remotes, 1 Baton, 1 TV, 2 batteries to share

My lucky "R" I found on move in day...and the duct tape light switch

Pioneer bucket sink

Good. Clean. Fun.


The Glow Horse trumped the TV


Romance Resume Sevices....the rent doesn't pay itself.

Tweet! Thx E!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dating Woes: Waa waa waa...

A snippet from a guy in Omaha...

"Don't let this piss you off but I could do without the billion boring half-ass little tattoos going around. They are great and all, I just wish they were not all the same boring ugly pastel colors and artistic quality of a hallmark card."

Please to Enjoy 75

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

Link to file:

1. Relator - Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
2. Dancing On Our Graves - The Cave Singers
3. Animal - Mike Snow
4. The Ruminant Band - Fruit Bats
5. Map of the World - Monsters Of Folk
6. the Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie - mewithoutYou
7. New In Town (Fred Falke Remix) - Little Boots
8. The Crook of My Good Arm - Pale Young Gentlemen
9. Oh, The Places Two - Lake
10. Midnight And I - White Rabbits
11. What Difference Does It Make? - The Smiths
12. Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello
13. Two Towns from Me - Blind Pilot
14. Little Secrets - Passion Pit
15. The Cave - Mumford And Sons
16. I Could Be Dreaming - Belle & Sebastian
17. Anyway You Choose to Give It (Boy-8-Bit Remix) - The Black Ghosts
18. Look Up - Bradley Hathaway
19. Death By Diamonds And Pearls - Band Of Skulls
20. She Loves Everybody - Chester French
21. Crystalised - XX

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dating Woes: a Star!!!

My first star find on Ok Cupid!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dating Woes: A pretty decent guy....

Sigh...at least he is, "...comfortable with who I am and the size of my penis without having to slap someone in the face with it to prove how big it is," because that would just be awkward.

My Self-Summary

I am a pretty decent guy. Sometimes I can be pretty depressed and sometimes I feel so good I think I might cry. I am learning to love myself and my life. I spent too much time doing the opposite and trying to destroy myself. I get kind of lonely sometimes because I don't have much of a social life but I am trying to work on that too. I am definitely a work in progress but I wouldn't have it any other way. Though I guess really everyone is a work in progress so maybe that is a non statement. I try to live a good life and treat people with kindness and respect but don't really expect the same out of people. People sometimes make me sad if I think about them too much. I guess I have too high of expectations. That's what people tell me...though I am pretty sure everyone has limitless potential and I try to see that in everyone I meet. Even when it's REALLY buried under crap. I hate social expectations and I like to say things that catch people off guard or make them uncomfortable.....sometimes when I think about space and the universe as a whole I feel so small I feel like I can't breathe and sometimes I feel like this whole life we live is just a dream and I expect to wake up at anytime but I continue on and on despite how tiny I am. I like to think about things on a cosmic scale because I feel it puts things into perspective and if your whole life is just a fart in the wind as far as time goes you don't take things so god damned serious. I get sooooo tired of everyone taking everything so fucking serious. Most of the shit we worry about doesn't even come close to mattering. Some things matter but for the most part it's all just a pissing contest. I don't care for pissing contests or dick measuring of any kind. I am comfortable with who I am and the size of my penis without having to slap someone in the face with it to prove how big it is. I am a bitter angry man who is also peaceful and full of love for my fellow humans but despise them at the same time. I am a walking contradiction and will never get lost in the conciseness of the masses. I dont water things down or walk on egg shells. I tell it like i see it and I don't stroke egos just so you'll stroke mine. Tell me the ugly hard truth even if it breaks me down. I'll get back up and offer up my face to the universe for another scar.....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Going through the change...

Here is a brief overview of my cartoon self going changes...directly related to Chris Grine's mood. :)
How much fun is it to work with cartoonists? No, really....how much fun is it?!? Check out Chris's awesome robots with stuff at www.shoeboxblog.com

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Westside Stories: Architect PICKED!

Finally decided on an architect, Jamie Darnell...and having to send out the break up emails to the others makes me feel all barfy. Feel really good about my choice....but if he changes his mind like the last one, I might have a breakdown...

CANNOT wait to get started. This is all starting to feel real again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please to Enjoy 74

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

Link to file:

1. I Would Be Sad - The Avett Brothers
2. I Know What I Am - Band Of Skulls
3. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - Beck
4. Eid Ma Clack Shaw - Bill Callahan
5. Fireflies - Chris Garneau
6. Everytime I'm With you - Dark Night of the Soul
7. Being Bad Feels Pretty Good - Does It Offend You Yeah?
8. Concrete - The Features
9. Fortune Teller - Forest Fire
10. Technicolor Health - Harlem Shakes
11. Dark Sedan - Karl Blau
12. Breaking It Up - Lykke Li
13. Into The Galaxy (Metronomy Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts
14. Only from Huggable Dust - Okay
15. Secret - The Pierces
16. Street Boy (Bonus Track) - Rodriguez
17. The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds - Skint & Demoralised
18. My Boys - Taken By Trees
19. Jazz (We've Got) - A Tribe Called Quest
20. Sit Down By The Fire - The Veils
21. These Few Presidents - Why?
22. Psychic City - YACHT

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dating Woes: wtf

Caption: I do love sunsets. (TRUE STORY!! Couldn't make this up if I tried.)

....I kinda wanna go out with him.

Dating Woes: my ONLY woo-er...

Meet Dew Drop Down, he is "not really in a relationship place" but is interested in pursuing a "sexual partnership"...for the love of God....sigh.


Dating Woes: FUNNY pic series

Ok, so after several people bugged me about telling some of my dating stories, I decided to post some of the highlights. I can't actually comment on dates, because you have to GO on dates to comment about them. :) Hopefully soon...you will be able to FULLY share in my dating pain. Till then, here are some funny pic series that I have run across.

1. Blurry Guy

2. Visor. No Visor.

3. Same guy, same weird angle, different places. (note: on one of the photos the caption says that he was surprised when someone took his pic. But you can see his arm holding the camera...and it is exactly the same as the others...hmmm.)