Monday, July 28, 2008

just in case: kinda cool but sorta lame super hero powers

1. Making change for a $20
2. Roller skate feet
3. Making people moist (non-sexually)
4. 2 left wings
5. Clapping really super fast
6. Making people itch (again, non-sexually) 
7. Spraying honeydew smells, skunk style
8. Xray vision, but only through shoes
9. Retractable cape
10. Swiss army toes
11. Giving people spontaneous Dyslexia
12. Being impervious to large amounts of caffiene

tuesdays with joshy!

Place: Dagwoods Diner, 1117 Southwest Boulevard

Rating: 3 outta 5 Joshys*

• Lotsa coke memorabilia
• Super faux wood formica
• Lotsa men, just a few teeth
• Bandages held on by rubber bands (someone has been watching MacGyver)
• B.J. has first win in our 13 Tournament of Champions(es)
• Bootsie is bringing up the rear with the least wins
• Parking lot full of ice cream trucks, draw your own conclusion

*Food was grease-tacular, but the atomosphere was a little...rough. Bring a buddy, just in cases.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

minutes from potluck: 7.23.08


Chateau Du Lamoreux

Meal: Turkey Beef Oatmeal Burgers and some fixins

Game: Lotsa random talking

• PBR and Sunny D!!!
• Cupcakes con fungi
• Ants on a log, leads to the Great Raisin Debate of 08
• Cat highway
• Adam's wild-n-wacky imperialistic mayhem dream (see above)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

please to enjoy: videos i heart right now

She & Him - Why do you let me stay here

Solange - I decided

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

Monday, July 14, 2008

minutes from potluck: 7.9.08


Host: Westport Flea Market

Meal: Burgers and contraband burritos

Game: Trivia

• Woodstone Principles pulled in at 4th place
• Won some smallish t-shirts (almost as cool as the cold hard cash)
• Joshy gave up magna-doodle duty
• Aaron mentally blocked his whole Australia trip  :)
• None of us foreigners know ANYTHING about the Royals! Or space. Or Southpark. 

things my dad hates pt. 3 (submitted by LaWanda, my mom)

In no particular order: 

32. LaWanda's cooking 
33. LaWanda's cooking smells
34. LaWanda's cooking sounds
35. LaWanda's driving
36. LaWanda's parking
37. LaWanda's parking spot choices
38. LaWanda's movie choices (all Canadian)
39. LaWanda's reasoning
40. LaWanda's gardening
41. LaWanda's sewing
42. LaWanda's  favorite TV shows (all Canadian)
43. LaWanda watching Jay Leno (Jay Leno is a "communist")
44. LaWanda's vacuum cleaner
45. LaWanda's dishwasher sounds
46. LaWanda moving his stuff around
47. LaWanda's stinky cat food

Thursday, July 10, 2008

let's get to know: raymundo


Assorted Facts and Figures

1. California - Ray Ban - Top Gun
2. Super Secret Special Spot
3. Gin!!
d. Brazilian Wax Dance
5. "Why can't I have pineapple?"
6. Bears-n-Boots-n-Underpants
7. Nice tots
8. Trampy Psychos
9. Number 1 Softee Fan
10. Rides dirty (see above)
11. Sharpie on skin action
12. Keeper of the butterscotches
13. Flusterbated
14. Fellow lover of Rob and Big
15. Teal-ish nail polish

tuesdays with joshy!

Place: Grand Slam Burgers

Rating: 4.5 outta 5 Joshys

• TOTS!!! (I like to nibble them, Joshy and Top Gun like to mouth them)
• Minor stint as beverage passer outters
• Top Gun shunned cream soda in all forms
• Official start to 13 Tournament of Champions(es)
• Joshy is rockin last offense
• Bootsie LOVES chest hair

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

things my dad hates pt. 2

In no particular order:

18. ice crunching
19. tv volume over 5-6 bars
20. gossiping
21. gossipers
22. rushing around (rushing includes doing more than 1 thing a day.)
23. Minnie Driver
24. Diane Weist
25. smells–yes, ALL of them
26. noises
27. popcorn at the movies
28. people at the movies
29. the movies at the movies (I Heart Huckabees got 46 EMPTY stars, see pt. 1)
30. VW beetles that are not Turbos
31. Canadian TV shows (see pt. 1)

minutes from potluck 7.2.08

Host: Ghattas, Adam

Meal: Hoagie Extravaganza

Dish of the Night: Cut throat tie between Lindsay's Strawberry Surprise and Bret's Cinnamon? Cherry? Apple? Jello? Explosion

Game: Sitting around telling embarrassing stories.

• Midge!!
• Katie's brush with tortured homeless people
• Rubbing and stroking on the orange couch of love
• Flash floods, hail and crazy winds

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

please to enjoy: songs stuck in my head

1. Through the Roof 'n' Underground - Gogol Bordello

2. Riding on the Metro - Berlin

3. One Last Time - The Kooks 

4. Alala - CSS

5. Fernando Pando - The Virgins

8. Top Yourself - Raconteurs

just in case: roller derby names

1. Queen ElizaDeath
2. Killadelphia (for baby joshy)
3. Acid Reflux
4. Squeaky Cream
5. Live Bait
6. Scabulous
7. Scrape Jelly
8. Goldie Blocks
9. Dread Ex
10. Boom Boom
11. Chesty Galore (for top gun)
12. Turkish Delight (for me)

Monday, July 7, 2008

lines i like, out of context: "a decade of curious people and dangerous ideas," chuck klosterman

In no particular order:

1. Crazy things seem normal, normal things seems crazy. Gusty winds may exist.

2. I have developed a romantic relationship with the process of dipping.

3. It's not that less is more; it's that less is everything.

4. To me, that's part of what Myxomatosis* is about–it's about wishing that all the people who tell you that you're crazy were actually right. That would make life so much easier.

5. The problematic rub is that–over time–choice isolates us.

6. ...women have always understood the nemesis-archenemy dichotomy. Every woman I've ever known has at least one close friend whose purpose is to criticize their actions, compete for men's attention, and drive them insane; very often, this is a woman's best friend.

7. I'm not sure how much I love my country, but I'm pretty sure I don't like any of the alternatives (except, of course, the speed-walking juggernaut that is Canada).

8. Perhaps. Perhaps not, but perhaps.

9. Q: If given the choice, would you rather (a) only abide by the rules and morals of society that you personally agree with, or (b) have the power to slightly adjust the rules and morals that currently exist (but these adjustments would then apply to you and everyone else, all at the same time).

10. The only options are to be "pro-pirate" or "pro-chump." We are pirates by default. And this is depressing (or at least it is to me.) How I long for those bygone days of adoring ninjas! Argh.

11. There is a line in the Diary of Anne Frank where that little courageous Jewish girl mentions how she can smell the cold when someone from the outside enters the attic. Well, I come from North Dakota. I can fucking see it. You lose, Anne Frank.

12. I only smoke angel dust just before going into the office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. I'm going to assume the reasons for this schedule are self-evident.

13. I will attempt a hoax: it will be my intention to trick Nikki Rumble into believing that I am a raging homosexual. I will also pretend to be nearsighted. This will be a two-pronged hoax.

*A virus that inadvertently devastated the British rabbit population after it was introduced in the 1950s, covering the countryside with bunny carcasses.