Monday, August 31, 2009

Dating Woes: NO words.....


I just had to post this....but it is waaaay to sad for me to talk life is just.....I have no words. Thanks Chris Grine, for laughing at my pain. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Westside Stories: for the hardest decision.

I went from being unexpectedly Architectless, to having 3 awesome choices and all are small business and/or start ups which I love supporting. Still haven't are the contenders...

Stephen and Ersela: Agency
• Bro and Sis-in-laws of my new neighbors, Sarah and Thomas Mueller
• Fancy NYC Architects, who are currently part of amazing fellowship
• Only gonna be here for the design phase, which I didn't originally realize was an issue.
• A staircase designed by Stephen

Dominique and Ryan: Davison Architects
• Working on a LEED Platinum and Energy Star house right now
• Super nice
• Do extremely detailed drawings, which will make all our lives easier
• Have worked with my builder Jamie before

Jamie Darnell: (Recently left El Dorado to do his own thing)
• Built this amazing house that is in my new hood
• Had some awesome ideas of how to make my box, less boxy
• Have the exact same style

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Room with a View: Moving in...

I gots my key and officially started moving into 1610 West 41st....into a lovely room with lots of "character". Here are some highlights of my new digs.

1. Grime level one, since been removed, and to be honest, I might have been a part of making the grime, during one of the many nights spent drinking in this very kitchen.

2. My room, complete with DIRECT access to the shower though the giant hole in the wall.

3. Party hard, recycle hard.

4. Killer guard frog.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Westside Stories: Goodbye trusty old desk...

One more tiny chunk of my former life gone. Super sad to see this desk go, but I refused to move all 250 lbs of it again. Hope Kyle from Craigslist treats her well.

Things I loved about my desk:
• It was discolored in all the right ways.
• It had secret drawers and pull out tables for all my typewriter needs.
• It was born the same time I wish I was born...early 60's.
• We spent hours and hours and hours together during my design bootcamp time at Design Ranch.
• Pretty sure I could've survived nuclear fallout under it.
• There was sand in all the drawers from the sandblasting, which made finding a pen, like a tiny beach vaycay.

Gluten Hates My Guts: Zucchini Pesto Potato Magic!

Got inspired for this little combo after eating an amazing Zucchini Pesto soup at Happy Gillis. It is gluten-free and depending on the pesto you use, dairy-free too. My tums is thanking me for this little experiment gone really right!! So far, I have just been eating it as a main dish, but I bet it would be amazing with brown rice.

Zucchini Pesto Potato Magic: All parts are approx., mostly cause I am a rule breaker. :)

• 2 Medium zucchinis
• 4 Red potatoes with skins left on
• 1 Can of Artichokes or 1 box of frozen
• 1-2 TBS of pesto (Highly recommend Emily's amazing Basil Basil Pesto)
• 2 TBS Olive oil
• Juice of 1 lemon, zest is nice too
• Couple shakes of dried minced onion
• Couple shakes of cayenne pepper
• Salt and pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in a pan, then add chopped potatoes with skins on. After a couple minutes, add the zucchinis, chopped, and everything else, EXCEPT the pesto. Let it all simmer together until veggies are the tenderness you like. I like the potatoes a little crunchy, so I let it cook for around 10-15 minutes. Turn off heat, add the pesto and mix around. Then eat! Yum!

Gluten Hates My Guts: Intro to the Body Ecology Diet

So, I ran across this book, The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, on a website and it seemed like the answer to all of my issues. I am only half way through it right now but, very soon, my Body Ecology experiment will begin!! Just have to psyche myself is not the easiest program to understand, much less, actually follow. It seems like a worthy experiment though!! I will be posting successes, failures, recipes, results, loves, hates etc.

Here are the issues it says it will fix or balance:
• Headaches
• Depression
• Low sex drive
• Food allergies
• Sensitivity to odors and tobacco
• Joint and muscle pain
• Digestive issues
• Poor Sleep

Here are the basic theories....which are all about balance:
• You need to eat foods that are balanced with expansive(sugar, coffee) and contractive(salt, meat) properties so your body systems can function properly.
• You need to balance your body's acid vs. alkaline so that yeast, which feed on the acids, cannot survive.
• 80/20 Rule #1 - stop eating when are 80% full so there is 20% room for your tums to digest.
• 80/20 Rule #2 - meals should be 80% alkaline veggies and 20% acid protein
• Eat/Avoid foods for your blood type.

Westside Stories: 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

Wow. What a couple of weeks! After losing my architect, having zero people look at my house, garbage disposal breaking, computer dying, dad having another stroke....things are finally looking up. Slowly, but at least headed the right direction. I really should have been more specific when I yelled out into the universe I wanted to totally change my life. I should have added a few more exceptions to my "totally". Lesson learned!

On the bright side, I found a new Architect team that I am super excited about. They are a husband/wife team from NYC and the in-laws of my future neighbors, who are also building green on a budget. As much as I HATE the whole "everything happens for a reason" crapola, I truly feel like this combo of architects and builder are going to work out great!!

I am also moving on up, to the norther side, to deluxe room in a semi-sty. My friends Jason and Tom have a spare room since Ghattas is going to KU to be Dr. World Domination. I will be packing up the 4 boxes of stuff left in my life and living the next year+ with:

this guy....

and this guy...

and this guy (plus 80 more of his gnat friends that hang out in the bathroom).

Pretty sure all of this adds up to lots of adventure. Good thing, since I will not have cable or money left to go anwhere after my 3 rents/mortgages. UGH! Can't wait!!

Fingers crossed I sell my house before the stress of not selling it makes me