Saturday, February 28, 2009

Please to Enjoy: January - Favs

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

Link to file:

Please to Enjoy: January - Favorites

1. I Want It All - Warren G
2. Being Bad Feels Pretty Good - Does It Offend You Yeah?
3. We Danced Together (SebastiAn Remix) - The Rakes
4. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
5. Please Please Please - Shout Out Louds
6. Big Poppa (Explicit Album Version) - The Notorious B.I.G.
7. Speed Law - Mos Def
8. Indonesian Love Song - Student Union
9. Oceans & Streams - The Black Keys
10. Hypnotise - The White Stripes
11. Idioteque - Radio Head
12. Eye - Smashing Pumpkins
13. Use Me - Bill Withers
14. don't stop believing - Journey
15. Good Song - Blur
16. Chinese Translation - M. Ward
17. Japanese Gum - Her Space Holiday
18. Young Liars - TV on the Radio
19. Uh - Fujiya & Miyagi
20. 519 Kids - MGMT

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lines i like, out of context: "Downtown Owl," chuck klosterman

In no particular order:

1. Before electricity, nothing really happened. Every conversation would have been identical, unless somebody got cholera or was mauled by a badger.

2. Is there any feeling better that being in bed? What could possibly feel better than this? What is going to happen in the course of my day that will be an improvement over lying somewhere soft, underneath something very warm, wearing only underwear, doing absolutely nothing, all by myself? (this is my EXACT thought process every morning!!)

3. Many of the laws in 1984 seemed practical. The world would be better off if everyone had to publicly validate why they were having sex with someone.

4. I always did the best that I could. Which was slightly better than almost okay, most of the time.

5. You just pour in a bunch of Everclear and vodka and schnapps and rum, and then you fill up the rest of the garbag can with Kool-Aid or Tang...That shit is liquid fucknuts.

6. That is when I started to understand that things were very, very different for me. My life had been prefucked.

7. It was like filling the nozzle of a hair dryer with dry ice, holding it one centimeter from oyur retina, and plugging it into an electrical socket. It was like being Helen Keller, in Greenland, naked.

8. So this was the situation. The situation was this: Mitch had to get inside his car, or inside somebody else's car, or inside anything can contained qualities of "insideness."

9. It does not matter what you have been right about, and it does not matter how often that rightness is validated by others. We are what we cannot do.