Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please to Enjoy 79

what i am listening to, this exact second...

Link to Please to Enjoy 79

1. Sun Hands - Local Natives
2. Little Kids (Ladytron Fruits Of The Forest Mix) - Kings Of Convenience
3. Let’s All Die - Jack PeƱate
4. The Chorus In The Underground - Great Lake Swimmers
5. Solo - Chew Lips
6. To Binge (Feat. Little Dragon) - Gorillaz
7. Implode Alright - Built By Snow
8. Nighty Night - Jenny Owen Youngs
9. HollyWood Shampoo - Champagne Champagne
10. LNY - The Hot Press
11. Coin Laundry - Lisa Mitchell
12. Fading World - Malachai
13. San Francisco 1906 - Capybara
14. The Night The Night from Chelsea Silver - Chet
15. True Romance (True No. 9 Blues) - Golden Silvers
16. Stillness In The Move (Dirty Projectors cover) - Solange
17. Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix) - Metric & Adam Freeland
18. Surprise Hotel - Fool's Gold
19. Dandelion - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dating Woes: Meet Skullmaster69

I have no words....good thing he does.

"My thoughts on a 1st date: I would start with dinner (either at a restaurant or smoking on my grill), casual conversation to get to know each other a little better, and determine the mood we are both in, with the goal of getting both of us relaxed and in a good mood. I enjoy a good wit and humor and I hope I can bring you to laugh also (if you do desire to have a deep and serious conversation, I can hold my own). Then on to a bar to play some pool and/or darts and maybe even one with karaoke so I can sing to you. Afterwards, if you desire, we could go back to my place (or yours) for a nightcap and talk about whatever we like, listen to music or we can play a game, or watch a movie or simply just relax together, or to an all night coffee house, and talk. If not we can call it a night."