Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Live from Crosstown Station with a cover of the Yard Birds, For Your Love!

With special guests: crazy whacked out dancer couple!!!!

(sorry for the shakiness, was trying to balance around the previously mentioned whacked out dancer couple)
(Also sorry for the video being squished. blogger just seemed to do it, and I can't make it normal again.)

Just another Saturday night in KCMO...

This was one of the acts at the (PG-13 Rated) Donkey Show at Crosstown Station last Saturday. So cool that there are Kansas Citians cooling it up for all to see.

Westside Stories: INTRO

May 1, 2009: Ok, here I go...

Just closed on a plot of land, 37 x 126.5 feet to be exact, on the Westside in KCMO!! Been dying to be a part of this hood for years and years and days! Yep, that amazing pile of dead sticks and trees that butts up to a half burned down garage, is mine....almost all several more payments of thousands of dollars. :) Couldn't be more prouder or exciteder. Now to sell my house so I can get this party started!

Over the next 15+ months, I will be tracking my adventures in building green (LEED certified) with a mid-century modern twist, on a really tiny budget, while living bare bones style in a studio apt!! My architect and builder and subs, who I will be sure to introduce you to, are Westsiders themselves all trying to adapt greener lives. I will post lots of links and ups and downs and advice and questions as this all stay tuned!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Please to Enjoy April: Covers

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

Link to file:

1. Digital Love (Daft Punk) - Alphabeat
2. Careless Whisper (Wham) - Ben Folds
3. Thriller (Michael Jackson) - Ben Gibbard
4. Love And Happiness (Al Green) - Big Youth
5. You Give Me Fever (Peggy Lee) - The Cramps
6. Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki) - Dr. Dog
7. Boyz in the Hood - Dynamite Hack
8. Independant Woman (Destiny's Child) - Elbow
9. Borderline (Madonna) - The Flaming Lips
10. Black Bird (Beatles) - Foo Fighters
11. I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits) - Jeff Tweedy
12. Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) - Jewel
13. Hurt (NIN) - Johnny Cash
14. I'm Not Gonna Teach... (Black Kids) - Kate Nash
15. Black Betty (Ram Jam) - Nick Cave
16. Just (Radiohead) - Nickel Creek
17. Friday Night Saturday Morning (The Specials) - Nouvelle Vague
18. Fade Into You (Mazzy Star) - Pedro The Lion
19. Against All Odds (Phil Collins) - The Postal Service
20. I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones) - Rhett Miller
21. Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
22. toxic (Britney Spears) - tristan prettyman
23. Patience (Take That) - The Wombats

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please to Enjoy 73

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

So, I guess the only posts I can manage these between facebook and twitter updates, are musicy. Ah well....that just gives my dad more time to hate new things that I can add to the ongoing list.

Link to file:

1. Beard Of Bees - Clem Snide
2. Bows In Your Arms - The Young Republic
3. Cello Song - The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez
4. The Crook of My Good Arm - Pale Young Gentlemen
5. Days and Days - Fantastic Plastic Machine (feat. Coralie Clément)
6. Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
7. Erase The Lines - The Whispertown 2000
8. Forest City - Newspapers
9. Gold Guns Girls - Metric
10. Hysteric (Acoustic) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
11. Is This Sound Okay? - Coconut Records
12. North By North - Faded Paper Figures
13. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh - Say Hi
14. Poke - Frightened Rabbit
15. Real Desire - Dan Auerbach
16. Remind Me - Röyksopp
17. Rivers, Veins, and Roots - Mimicking Birds
18. The State I Am In - Belle & Sebastian
19. Strictly Game - Harlem Shakes
20. Tightrope - Yeasayer
21. Train Song - Feist + Ben Gibbard
22. The Will to Death - John Frusciante