Thursday, March 5, 2009

vocab upgrade: Blue Beard by Vonnegut

So, in an attempt to biggen my brain, I have been moving on down my reading list, started a few years ago. Here are some fancy words I came across that I didn't know...and the photos that popped up in flickr when I searched with my new fancy word. Sort of magical really....

Blue Beard by Kurt Vonnegut:


1 verb (used with object), -pat⋅ed, -pat⋅ing. to examine by touch, esp. for the purpose of diagnosing disease or illness.


1. lustful or sensual.
2. eagerly desirous.


1. cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness: We accepted the invitation with alacrity.
2. liveliness; briskness.


–noun, plural -quies.
1. Usually, obsequies.
a funeral rite or ceremony.

Please to Enjoy: 72

please to enjoy = 50% new + 50% new to me + 50% songs from back in the day + 50% songs that don't quite fit

Link to file:

Please to Enjoy 72:

1. Still Here - Girl Talk
2. Birds Fly Away - Theresa Andersson
3. Float - Sissy Wish
4. Last Words - The Real Tuesday Weld
5. Hiding On the Staircase - New Young Pony Club
6. No One’s Better Sake - Little Joy
7. Photobooth - Friendly Fires
8. Don't Give A Damn - Chairlift
9. Scared - Albert Hammond Jr.
10. Saturdays [Reprise] - Cut Copy
11. Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs
12. tonight+you+belong+to+me - ?
13. The Dusty Foot Philosopher - k'naan
14. Love is a shotgun - The Quiet Company
15. Oh, La - Ra Ra Riot
16. Fall of the American Empire - State Radio
17. When It Stings - Pictures Of Then
18. Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms - Frightened Rabbit
19. A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix) - Metronomy
20. Be So Happy - Heartless Bastards
21. Microphone - Coconut Records