Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dating Woes: FWB

Ha! Saw this on the the blog and it cracked me up...I would love to spend a day in Russ's brain...but only if I had a fool proof escape plan. ;)


quote of the day

Any guy who offers the “friends with benefits” option is likely to be bad at both. – Russ

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dating woes: Ummmm....what?

Just got this email that sorta confused the crap out of me...not really sure how he came to some of the assumptions about my nature just by my profile, which says things like, I like zombies and peanut butter, but maybe that is code for crazy... Note to self: must rewrite profile and remove all subliminal messages that are beacons to crazy pants men!!

Hello Raka upon your adventures

What you express here on your profile I find to be delightful, open minded & Open hearted. So, are you really real? If so are you open to explore what is possible together?

As for your sassy ass, yes also intriguing hint about your figure, I sense it could just be your sweet ends to a means........of a very special adventure just for two :) Oh, btw, yes I am very tactile.

Here are a few aspects of myself:
Laughter is still The Best of All Seasonings! Oh, and btw, I love to cook, esp. couple cooking.
Likewise, I enjoy movies and cuddling—and yes at times it can be just cuddling.
Oh, and yes I love to dance, enjoy most music, doubles tennis—although it has been a few years. Moreover, I Love Living Life!

Oh, know that I am as real as you. I don't say what I don't mean. And there is no need to deny truths.
You are one, who actually seems to embraces her true self. And seeks to discover all of her depth within, and desires to be her most true self within this womanly being. You certainly have the courage to still be vulnerable, as well as having the guts to be confident, assertive, peaceful, joy filled.

I seek one woman, much like yourself I sense, who can be confident, strong character, and assertive when beneficial. And also who embraces or might be curious about whether or not she has a submissive kinky nature to offer to One. Of course, while she also is who she is in the vanilla world around family, friends, church perhaps, career, neighbors, etc.

Note to ms m, I’m in the Kansas City area, south on the Ks side.

Also, please note that my photo is not on here because the format doesn’t seem to match so it doesn’t upload here. So when you write to me there, which is much more convenient for me, then I’ll gladly respond and attach my photo for you. My email: xxxxxx@gmail.com

So when are you willing to consider sharing a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee/tea , Mastering FUN--non-harmful, non-evil, non-condescending, just plain ole Fun or at least a walk n talk with sincere conversation?
Sooner than later !

With mutual respect,
Lust, Laughter, Leather, & lace

Oh, and... Oh, and... ;) I wonder what he looks likes...stay tuned...gonna try to find out. He does after all, enjoy doubles tennis, although it has been a few years.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Westside Stories: Another James...

So Jamie D, introduced me to Jim Woodfill, a super cool artist who does amazing things with light, movement and sound. Hoping he will be able to collaborate on some kinetic lighting for my house!!! He is all about re-purposing, stripping down to the bare essentials, focusing on details and sort of the subtle unexpected (that's my take anyway, he might describe himself differently). Since he will make James #3 on the project, pretty sure it is meant to be. I really want to build and design my whole house solely with people named some derivative of James.