Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Sweet Sweet Dream.

Here are the things my dreams are made of....

1. Abandoned school + just the right amount of drama + alpacas =  new home
2. Commune living + short taxi bus to and fro to hallmark + film crew = bazillions of $
3. Cash money from bank of LaWanda + covers from disco parties = mortgage
4. Sam Rockwell + Justin Theroux + me = good times INDEED :)
5. Good friends + green living + talent shows + potluck dinners + fully stocked bar + a gymnasium + boiler rooms with semi-legal activities = paradise

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pardon my blogstapation....


Ok, it has been a ridiculous month...hence the need for this flush of updates.

Tuesdays with Joshy: (where we've lunched...just the facts, none of the details)
• Blanco in Westport
• McCoys in Westport
• Jerusalem Bakery in Westport (this was a Tuesday with JUST amanda)
• 2020 in the Crossroads (this was a Tuesday WITHOUT Joshy)
• Sol Azteca on Southwest Blvd.
• Gates on Main
• Succotash in the River market

Misc. Happenings:
• Aaron turned a year older while bowling
• Bretly is a sexy sexy dancer....and i might be a liar...if you believe everything you hear on video. (couldn't figure out how to rotate the video. whateves.)

• Amanda and I went on a Burlesque Extravaganza
• Tailgating + Whiskey + 100 degrees + more Whiskey = trashy-ness
btw, dr. pepper plus whiskey is a magical combo. 
• I learned that Caterpillers each pizza (see below)

• Got a new, fantastic, beautiful, perfect, highly advanced for her age, tiny, cuddly NIECE!!!!
• Saw the world's worst movie at the east side of kcmo's best Drive-in.
• Played some Ewok Magic trivia.
• Saw some free movies.
• Became a design prof at KU. I am rocking the chalk again and they are paying me. crazy.
• Maybe I am the daughter of a spy...but maybe not....but maybe. hmm.
• Farmed in the rain...for 4 the butt crack of the mud...voluntarily.
• Met 3 super duper awesome artists!!!!! 
• Totally got promoted! crazy.

Bands, bands and more bands:
• It's Over
• Bacon Shoes
• ACB's a few times
• Restavrant 
• Vampire Weekend
• White Williams
• Aaron Hale minus the boy detectives
• Wye Oak
• Albert's high school reunion
• Cut Copy (SO AMAZING!!!)
• The Presets
• A few more that I can't remember

whew! caught up just in time to get behind again. ;)